The YON-KA Signature revitalizing ann relaxing bath.

    A genuine spa effect at home with this highly concentrated aromatic bath treatment with plant extracts and essential oils known for their multiple therapeutic virtues.

    Invigorates, restores full vitality, relieves tired legs and gives the whole body a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

    Pour one tablespoon in the bath water:
    - To rest tired legs and regain tone, prepare water to be lukewarm,
    - To relax and detox, use slightly warmer water
    Note: it can also be used in a shower with a damp glove

    • Indian chestnut, cypress, essential oils of rosemary, sage, helichrise: vitalizing – toning
    • Essential oils of petitgrain, lavender: relaxing – balancing

    fl 100ml