The concentrated hydrating soother.

    A few drops of this super-hydrating concentrate are enough to eliminate rough spots and the feeling of tautness, and to erase fine lines caused by epidermal dehydration.
    Softened and comforted, the skin quickly recovers its natural glow.

    In the morning and/or evening for one month, after cleansing and spraying on LOTION YON-KA, add a few drops of concentrate to your usual cream, then apply to the face and neck.
    Can also be used occasionally as the need arises.

    • PCA, vegetable glycerin, brown algae, lactic and citric acids: hydrating
    • Indian chestnut, raspberry, blackcurrant, vitamin B5: soothing
    • Vitamin C: anti-oxidant
    • Magnesium: revitalizing

    15ml btl