Facials & Chemical Peels

Botinol: A clinical treatment using the latest technologies and breakthroughs in ingredients to work as an innnovative anti-wrinkle treatment able to act against expression lines and much more! After just one treatment, expression lines appear relaxed. 

90 minutes $120


Collagen 90-II: An exclusive age-defying treatment, metabolism and skin regeneration. Refine the appearance of enlarged pores (after extraction). Suggested frequency of 4 treatments, once weekly (10% off series)

90 minutes $130

Deep Cleansing:  For excessive oil, acne or problematic skin. Helps decongest pores, extract stubborn blackheads, heal with Ozone steam and reduce redness with light therapy. 

1 Hour 15 Minutes $80

Rejuvenating Facial:  Catered and customized to your skin-type, this facial cleanses, emulsifies, exfoliates, steams and uses high frequency plus a mud or gel mask. 

1 Hour 15 Minutes $90

Specialized Facial:  Enjoy all the benefits of the Rejuvinating facial, and upgrade to lifting, firming, resurfacing, smoothing and hydrating. This treatment is enhanced by freeze-dried fruit enzymes, serums, concentrates, peels, and a foot treatment!

90 minutes $110


Full Face $120

Partial $50